Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Fret: Spring WILL Come! .....Eventually

I was looking at my photographs today and some of them really made me miss spring.  All summer long, I waited (im)patiently for autumn.  All autumn long, I thought winter photos would be awesome.  Now winter's here and all I can think about the past few days is spring.  Some of this could be due to the fact that I'm a hopeless klutz and adding ice to the ground where I walk is like adding insult to injury. 
I've tried to make the most out of winter.  My partner and I have done a lot of winter bird watching at Presque Isle State Park here in Erie.  We go at this time of year more often because, frankly, neither of us are big fans of the crowds that summer invites to our little ecological haven.  However, we also go in the winter because sometimes you can catch some glimpses of some very rare and awesome birds.  Yesterday, we were lucky enough to spot a Black Scoter.  This was my first view of this bird and we had the hardest time identifying it, but thanks to we were able to make a positive ID.  Check that site out, it's amazing. 
Anyway, I took photos of that bird but they were too far off to share.  Blurry, for me, is good enough when the only plan is to then sit in the car and compare my photo with what my bird books.  Not necessarily good enough to share here, however.  :)

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  1. Your flower photo really makes me wish it was spring too. I do like bird watching in the winter, it is easier to see the birds with no leaves on the trees. Thanks for the link to the bird site.

  2. I agree! My boyfriend told me to check it out and it really helped us ID that bird! We were going through 4 differnet bird books and still couldn't find our feather friend :)