Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tundra Swan

Recently my boyfriend and I spent a day birding at Presque Isle State Park here in Erie, PA.  We've done this many times and have always enjoyed ourselves, despite the fact that we have notoriously had bad luck at it.  It turns out that wearing tie-dye to bird watch is a bit of an unintelligent choice. 
This trip was a success, however!  We saw a snow goose, a few cardinals, and the thing I was most excited to witness, approximately 30 tundra swan!  I have never seen this bird before and since we were able to make a definitive ID, let's just say I was pleased.  But the best part is when one of the birds sounded a call of alert and they all went flying.  This photograph is one of many I took of these beautiful birds in their escape. 

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